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An essential tool for your maintenance process allowing you to send and receive work orders and requests as well as streamline your daily maintenance activities.

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Assign your personnel and manage your work force from anywhere

One of the most important aspects of managing a successful maintenance team is ensuring that work orders are assigned efficiently and completed within the given timeframe. This is where Equidesk can assist you in managing your maintenance team effortlessly. With Equidesk, you can easily allocate work orders to your team and track their progress from start to finish, making it easier to meet deadlines and improve the productivity of your maintenance team.

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Share work order with anyone

Equidesk's work order manager allows collaboration with other departments and team members by sharing the work order via email or a public link that anyone can access. This feature provides the added advantage of being able to get help from other departments or external maintenance companies when needed, regardless of location.

Create recurring work orders for preventative maintenance

Scheduled preventative maintenance tasks are essential to ensure the smooth and safe operation of equipment and facilities. Thankfully, Equidesk's mobile app can facilitate this task efficiently. The app's smart automation generates work orders based on predefined schedules, time and date, ensuring that scheduled preventative maintenance tasks are carried out promptly. This automation ensures that your team stays on top of scheduled preventative maintenance, eliminating the risk of missing important tasks.

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Maintain your assets

Asset management is a critical aspect of maintenance, and Equidesk's mobile app makes it a seamless process. You can assign an asset to a work order using the app's asset tracking feature, ensuring that your maintenance staff carries out scheduled or one-off maintenance tasks promptly. Moreover, the app's log feature tracks the asset's maintenance history, providing a comprehensive record for future reference and reporting.

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