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An essential tool for your maintenance process allowing you to send and receive work orders and requests as well as streamline your daily maintenance activities.


Assign your personnel and manage your work force from anywhere

Assign a work order to your maintenance team and track the progress from start to completion.


Collaborate live with your maintenance staff with the Equidesk mobile app.

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Share with work order with anyone

With the work order manager, you will be able to share your projects with other people so they can help out too. The sharing option is accessible via a public link which should make it easy for anyone in any department who needs assistance on this project!

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Create recurring work orders for preventative maintenance

Automatically generate work orders based on time & date and a predefined schedule to keep on top of your planned preventative maintenance tasks.

Notification for planned work orders can be setup to email the personnel automatically, so you don't have to.

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Maintain your assets

Assign an asset to the work order and have your maintenance staff carry out scheduled or one-off maintenance tasks. The history of maintenance on the asset is logged for future reference and reporting.

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Get started for free

Easy sign up, no credit card is required and instant access.

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