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Work Orders

To view your list of work order, click on Work Orders from the left menu.

You will see a list of previously created work orders from your whole portfolio on this screen.

In this list, you can see information such as;

  • Status: of the work order. You can customise these statuses and add new ones from the settings menu.

  • Work Order ID: This is the unique identification number for reference purposes.

  • Facility: Shows which facility this work order is associated with.

  • Subject: The title of this work order, usually a short description of the work.

  • Personnel: Shows which personnel has been assigned to this job.

  • Progress: Shows the time till completion. It is based on the start date and due date.

  • Due date: Shows when you require the job to be completed by.

Tip: To filter work orders by Facility. Click on the Portfolio Manager. then deselect the facilities you don't want to view. This makes it easier to focus on work orders in specific facilities, if you have many:

Clicking on a Work order shows a more detailed page.

The comment section allows you to communicate with other staff members. This is great for your maintenance staff to provide live feedback and information as well as sharing images.

The right panel of the Work order screen provides some more information pertaining to this work order.

Media: You can upload a photo of the issue/repair.

Assets: Link asset to this work order so that maintenance staff are aware what asset needs to be attended to.

Personnel: You can assign one or more staff member as well as external companies to carry out the work.

Add to Calendar: By switching the toggle on and selecting a coloured label, You can add this work order to your calendar.

Supplier Invoice: Invoices from external companies can be uploaded.

Parts and labour: Add your labour charges and inventory items you used to carry out the repair.

Files: Other relevant file can be uploaded in this section.

To share this work order via email: Click on the Option button and select Send Email.

To share via a short link, that can be viewed online: Click on the Option button and select Share.

To download this work in PDF: Click on the Option button and select Download as PDF.

Create a New Work Order

  • Click on New.

  • Select a Facility.

  • Then select the Job status. By default, New is selected. If the job is already in progress, you may want to change this status.

  • Select the Job type. This list is also customizable in the settings page.

  • Select the Start date. The current date and time is set by default.

  • Select a Priority if it is urgent, otherwise select a due date, or leave blank.

  • Add a Title for the work order. Add a Description, which is optional.

"The only required fields are facility, and title. Everything else is optional".

  • You can also add a Custom field. This custom field can be a either a task or inspection.

  • Add any other additional items on the right panel.

  • Once you have added all the information, click Save.

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