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Viewing & setting up assets

To view your Assets, click on Assets from the left menu.

You will see a list preview of all your assets here showing the following information;

  • Status: This shows whether this asset is online or taken offline.

  • Asset ID: This is the unique reference number for that is assigned for each asset.

  • Facility: Show which facility the asset is associated with.

  • Name: The name of the asset.

  • Brand/Model: Brand and/or model of the asset.

  • Serial number: The serial number of the asset.

  • Location: This shows where the item is physically located in the facility.

  • Purchase cost: The cost of the asset when bought new.

You can search for an asset by typing any keywords in the search bar. Plus you can sort and filter the information from the top right.

Clicking on an asset give you more information about it, such as a map location, a photo, depreciation information, and files that have been uploaded, for example a service manual.

To mark an asset as offline, simply click on the status drop down button and select Offline.


  • Click on the New button.

  • Select the Facility to associate this asset with from the drop down. This is a required field.

  • Type an Asset Name (Example; Air conditioner). This is a required field.

  • Select Nested Under if you want to group it under a category

  • Select a category you want to place the asset under (For example; HVAC).

  • Select the physical Location of the asset. Your asset may be in the a plant room or basement etc.

  • Add a Brand and/or Model Number.

  • Add Serial Number.

  • Enter an address to show this asset on a map. The map will show on the view asset page and work order you create.

  • You may also add a photo of the asset, as well as depreciation information and upload files such as a service manual.

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