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To view your Inspections, click on Inspections from the left menu.

You will see a list of previously created inspections from your whole portfolio on this screen.

In this list, you can see information such as;

Status: of the Inspection. You can customise these statuses and add new ones from the settings menu.

Inspection ID: This is the unique identification number for reference purposes.

Facility: Shows which facility this Inspection is associated with.

Subject: The title of this Inspection, which is usually a short description.

Personnel: Shows which personnel has been assigned to this job.

TTD: Shows the time till due. It is based on the start date and due date.

Due date: Shows when you require the job to be completed by.

Tip: To filter Inspections by Facility. Click on the Portfolio Manager. then deselect the facilities you don't want to view. This makes it easier to focus on Inspections in specific facilities, if you have many:

Clicking on an Inspection shows a more detailed page.

Carry out an inspection

Selecting the toggles will mark the individual item as complete:

Adding comments to individual inspection

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