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Adding personnel

Personnel are contacts you use to assign and send work orders to.

You can add an unlimited amount of personnel contacts. Personnel cannot log in to the system. These are just contacts that you use to assign jobs to and issue work orders, which they can receive by either PDF or by viewing the work order online via a short link that you can share.

If you require a personnel to gain access, you will need to add them as a User

Adding users as we did in the previous step will automatically add them as personnel, so you don't have to add these again.

A personnel can be an individual, such as your internal staff member, or a group such as an department or external company. By creating a group, you can add multiple individuals in that group.

  • To add personnel click on Personnel from the left menu navigation.

  • Click on New to add a new personnel.

  • Fill out the required information, and any other optional information. You may also add an hourly rate, if you want to charge labor in the work order, and assign this user to a group.

  • Once you are done, click on Save.

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