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There's so much features and modules, here are some more.

Planned Maintenance Calendar

Keep track and manage your planned maintenance work with the intuitive calendar. You can create automated work order request for jobs that need it, with the option of notifying the service personnel carrying it out.

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Contacts Database

A great tool to manage your contacts database within your facility. Each facility has its own database of contact that can be filtered out to easily view or search them in each facility.

Parts & labor

Add parts & labour costs to your work order. Keep stock of your inventory. A graph is available showing how much stock has been used, and where.

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Personnel management

Manage your team. Whether they are internal or external personnel. View previously carried out jobs, upload licenses, and other documents plus the ability to set a reminder to set an alert if the document is due to expire, for example insurance information.


The reporting module allows you to create customized reports easily. In just a couple of clicks, you can generate user-defined reports with specific data relevant to your organization. This feature saves you time and effort, ensuring that the data you need is readily available for analysis and decision-making.

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Cloud library

Upload all types of documents to the cloud library that can be shared team-wide. From service manuals to floor plans, your documents are only a click away that can be view where ever you are.


A more efficient way of working can save valuable time and increase productivity. Equidesk allows for multitasking by enabling the user to open multiple tabs and work on different modules simultaneously. This smart feature enhances productivity by minimizing the effort required to move between modules continually. 

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Portfolio manager

See and manage your whole portfolio easily with our new Portfolio Manager tool. Create unlimited facilities and up to 4 levels below (also with unlimited facilities in each!) Use the portfolio manager as a filter to hide projects and tasks so that you can focus on current jobs.

Even more features in the pipeline!

We're working hard to build many other great & free modules that can be turned on via the Equistore. Here's a sneak peak at some.

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