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Facility Management Software


Get a handle on your property management with this all-inclusive software that is designed to simplify the way you maintain properties and assets.

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Designed for all types of facilities

A flexible and customizable facilities management solution that can be tailored for all types of facilities! No matter what your needs are, we've got a module to make them happen seamlessly with our easy to use Equistore™

Think of it as built by you.

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Aged Care

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Open Space

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Made for all Personnels

Maintenance software means the world to us. We're here for all types of maintenance personnel, whether you work in facilities management or asset management- our flexible solutions will help your team stay on top of things!

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Facility Managers

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Building Managers

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Builders & Developers

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Maintenance Staff

Get started for free

Easy sign up, no credit card is required and instant access.


From raising work orders to API integrations Equidesk has it all.

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The ability to create projects and combine multiple work orders will streamline your day-to-day operations.

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Maintenance requests can be submitted through the private service portal to ensure quick repairs.

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You can send work orders and collaborate with your internal or external contractors from anywhere in the world!

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With our easy-to use uploader, you can now share any document or file with your team in just a few clicks.

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With our app, you can easily schedule inspections and get a real-time notification on the status of your job.

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Stay up to date

Real-time notifications! The mobile app will send you alerts whenever staff or contractors update their jobs.

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Information you need in one place, including photos and relevant data to pinpoint where it's located at any given time.

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Schedule recurring jobs & inspections that generate reminders for you and the assigned personnel.

Work from anywhere

Equidesk's powerful features packed into a mobile app so you can work when you are out and about.
All of your data is instantly synced so you can continue when you get back to your desk.

Lost paperwork, illegible handwriting and unclear expectations of the service to be performed can cause huge headaches for you and your customers.
Ensure that you fulfill Service Level Agreement (SLA) commitments and keep your customers loyal and delighted.

Equidesk enables you to manage service teams, their territories, and the corresponding activities for all service activities; responsive maintenance, preventive maintenance, plant outage, plant shutdown and turnaround.




Error & Miscommunication

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Edward R

Millenium Hotels, New York USA

I’m not sure how we would be able to manage the hundreds of weekly work orders without Equidesk.
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